The “LAB@HOME – UNA CASA INTELLIGENTE PER L’AUTISMO” project aims to introduce an innovative technological platform based on advanced solutions.

Project “LAB@HOME – UNA CASA INTELLIGENTE PER L’AUTISMO” is co-funded by resources coming from PO FESR Sicilia 2014-2020 – Action 1.1.5 – Support to companies’ technological development, through funding guidelines, early product validation actions, and wide-scale demonstration. For more information about PO FESR Sicilia 2014-2020 visit the website

Siverapp PRO

The SIVERAPP-PRO project had as its objective the creation of an IT platform for the Evaluation of Competences and Learning dedicated to teachers active in companies that need to certify the skills of their students. Teachers, in fact, have at their disposal a personal and innovative tool that allows them to frequently administer verification tests and certify the skills of their students, eliminating preparation time, drawing on a certified database of multiple choice questions, or drawing on a private database that each teacher can feed by creating new questions with a dedicated application or by sharing the database of other company professors. The platform allows teachers to verify in real time the current and historical performance of a single student or groups of students and the comparison with the aggregated (anonymous) data available in the system. A powerful but easy-to-read reporting environment allows constant analysis of student performance in order to apply the correct training strategies. For more details, visit the web site Siverapp Pro.

Siverapp – Quick learning verification system

The SIVERAPP project had as its objective the creation of an IT platform for the Evaluation of Competences and Learning of pupils in schools of all levels, destined for their teachers, through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. , with technical and functional characteristics such as to constitute a fundamental network for monitoring the growth and development of students. For more details, visit the web site Siverapp.

“Prioritario” Project – Cod. PAC02L1_00247

There are numerous neurodevelopmental disorders, with great variability of potentially debilitating characteristics for affected individuals. However, early diagnosis is complicated by the characteristics of the subjects involved, typically in pre-school age, as in autism and dyslexia. Regarding autism, the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly insists on the necessity of diagnostic screening at least 2 times within the 2nd year of life. These indications imply the need to identify early and reliable markers, so as to improve screening. Early intervention can reduce the long periods in which the development of mental life is strongly compromised by the presence of the communicative and social defects typical of autism, and of mitigating its severity, whose full expression occurs in the first 3 years of life. Efficient screening is therefore crucial, in the hypothesis that it makes possible an early detection and treatment, such as to mitigate or even avoid the same diagnosis.

The PRIORITARIO project has developed and tested an innovative HW / SW platform for the definition of protocols for ultra-early diagnosis, analysis and therapy of neurodevelopmental disorders. To this end, university competences on distributed systems are combined with those specific to the study of neurodevelopmental disorders, possessed by the IFC-CNR. The main objective was to develop an advanced system, able to detect large volumes of data generated by the use of diagnostic tests, and to analyze them through a distributed processing system and data-mining techniques.

Supply chain development plan – Intesa EDM2

The Intesa EDM2 Development Plan for the Supply Chain is aimed at developing and strengthening the participating companies, through the implementation of common services aimed at overcoming both the cognitive and relational deficits of the companies that make it up and to improve the level of competitiveness with the adoption of technological and organizational innovations and the qualification of human resources. The company Innotexa scarl (formerly Intesa scarl) is the person in charge of the initiative, which is joined by a large group of very different companies that represent the entire production chain and all belong to the Sicilian Mechanics District. The Supply Chain Development Plan allows for the raising and technological standardization of the District, a greater integration between the activities of the companies, a qualification towards the final customers, the reduction of the internal management costs, a greater control over the business operations, the possibility of greater integration with the large enterprise and a competitive advantage over exports. The Supply Chain Development Plan is divided into an Integrated Plan of Joint Services, an Innovative Investment Plan and a Company Innovation Plan. Vmcons srl participated in the project as an external consultant.