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Supply chain development plan – Intesa EDM2

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The Intesa EDM2 Development Plan for the Supply Chain is aimed at developing and strengthening the participating companies, through the implementation of common services aimed at overcoming both the cognitive and relational deficits of the companies that make it up and to improve the level of competitiveness with the adoption of technological and organizational innovations and the qualification of human resources. The company Innotexa scarl (formerly Intesa scarl) is the person in charge of the initiative, which is joined by a large group of very different companies that represent the entire production chain and all belong to the Sicilian Mechanics District. The Supply Chain Development Plan allows for the raising and technological standardization of the District, a greater integration between the activities of the companies, a qualification towards the final customers, the reduction of the internal management costs, a greater control over the business operations, the possibility of greater integration with the large enterprise and a competitive advantage over exports. The Supply Chain Development Plan is divided into an Integrated Plan of Joint Services, an Innovative Investment Plan and a Company Innovation Plan. Vmcons srl participated in the project as an external consultant.

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