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Innovative Startup

Offer of technological solutions in complete IT, simple, easy to manage and cost-effective

Today, businesses can perform complex actions in a simple way thanks to modern ICT technologies, which however need to be developed and applied by highly qualified resources. VMCONS provides the adequate ICT support so that the customer takes full advantage of the potential of modern information technology, at very advantageous costs, recovered in a short time thanks to the new optimal operational assets assumed by the customer. Innovation, research, development, are the fundamental keys to the activity of VMCONS, always looking for hardware and software solutions capable of improving the production processes of its customers. VMCons is a start-up company in the ICT sector, born from the need to offer increasingly innovative solutions to local businesses and markets in general, in light of the new technological opportunities available for process optimization and product improvement.

VMCons has a network of internal and external collaborators, with a high level of ICT competence, dedicated to the development of hardware and software solutions, with particular reference to image processing and processing, pattern recognition, management of georeferential data, system development embedded, cloud computing, data mining, multimedia and communication designer. VMCons distributes most of the products of the most authoritative brands in the IT field, taking care of the sale, supply and on-site technical assistance.

VMCons has its own price list, which includes hardware and software products, designed and manufactured to combine product quality and cost-effectiveness. VMCons distributes personal computers in stand-alone configuration, network clients, servers, small-format print devices, video capture devices and networking devices. The list of software products includes the availability of web-oriented and non-web-based applications for business management, logistics, data mining, human resources management, video processing. VMCons operates in close contact with the customer, fulfilling its needs to offer technological solutions in a complete, simple, easy to manage and cost-effective IT environment. The services provided are the sale and technical assistance of the hardware and software products of its own price list, aimed at satisfying in particular the needs of SMEs and therefore the development of customized software solutions. VMCons carries out the interim meeting with the customer free of charge for the analysis of its needs and the subsequent proposal of dedicated solutions and, in addition, together with the customer, evaluates the final repercussions of the solutions applied with respect to the forecasts.

Research and development

Meet the growing demand for innovative services and the development of new IT application solutions

Vmcons is one of the first STARTUP INNOVATIVE companies in the province of Syracuse, registered in the appropriate Chamber register, created to operate mainly on R&D projects in support of local business development and to satisfy the growing demand for innovative services and development of new application solutions in the area of ​​the ICT market. The company production structure is based on an operational headquarters of just under 200sqm on 2 levels, arranged on 2 levels which has a 1Gbit LAN network, wifi network for guests and collaborators, and 3 physical ULP servers in which everything is virtualized the work environment of company personnel, therefore adequate for the development of software applications and allowing the use of the most up-to-date technologies for embedded or web-oriented solutions.

The company was born as an innovative Startup dedicated to R&D projects, and its human resources are highly qualified with over 5 years of consolidated experience, assisted by high-profile external collaborators with at least 10 years of experience in the IT sector. The current production process is based on the preliminary phase characterized by the commercial management, contact with the customer, analysis of the needs, proposition of the possible technical solutions, therefore the actual production activity that for the organizational aspects is carried out using the Scrum method, or an Agile framework for software development, iterative and incremental designed to manage projects and software products or collaborative development applications. Scrum emphasizes all aspects of project management related to contexts in which it is difficult to plan in advance.

Mechanisms typical of an “empirical control process” are used, in which feedback cycles that constitute the fundamental management and debugging techniques result in opposition to the management based on the traditional concept of command-and-control. His approach to project planning and management is to bring decision-making authority to the level of ownership and operational certainty. The company is registered in the National Research Register of Cod. 61057BYF.

Project Management

Analysis, planning and achievement of objectives

VMCons actively collaborates with universities, research centers and important entrepreneurial entities in the national territory for the realization of investment projects in the Innovation, Research and Development area. He has participated in various projects both as a direct beneficiary and as an external consultant, also taking care of the management and coordination aspects typical of the Project Manager. The company, thanks to the “know-how” acquired over the years, is able to prepare intelligent and innovative solutions for companies for any operating context, fully adapting to the different requests and needs of customers, and using application tools and methodologies efficient organizational support to management. VMCons intervenes in the phases of governance structure of the project, through the definition of the Project Management process, the definition and validation of the objectives and the perimeter of the project, the identification of the initial decisions, the management and communication with the project stakeholders, the definition of project deliverables (intermediate and final), and project management.

The VMCons Human Resources also take care of: The definition of the organization chart of activities (WBS) and the allocation of resources:
  • Breakdown of the project into specific macro activities – WBS;
  • Resource allocation and definition of responsibilities – OBS;
  • Full description of the individual micro activities.
Establishing an effective project team;
  • Definition of contracts;
  • Definition of the relationship rules between partners;
  • Conflict management.
Defining the initial project budget:
  • Identification of project costs;
  • Allocation of external costs and internal costs;
  • Preparation of reporting for cost control.
Project planning:
  • Planning (PERT and GANTT);
  • Planning;
  • Analysis of constraints and activity durations for the identification of critical paths;
  • Definition of time schedule milestones;
  • Risk analysis and management.
Progress check:
  • Progress Analysis;
  • Checking deadlines;
  • Performance evaluation;
  • Corrective action activation;
  • Reporting;
  • Test management;
  • Dissemination of results.


Together with companies in every project activity

VMCons proposes consultancy activities in synergy with the customer’s personnel in charge of following the evolution of the different phases of a project, with the final objective of aligning the best IT solutions to the business process. VMCons helps its customers to build effective organizations, innovate, grow and reduce costs. Vmcons supports companies in the design, management and execution of a positive and advantageous change, and is specialized in providing specialized consulting activities for the definition and review of business processes, aimed at the development and integration of ICT solutions that maximize the business of its customers and create a measurable and lasting value.

The commitment of VMCons is to always be at the side of its customers to help them face new challenges, in a rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive market. Through the development of innovative strategies and the implementation of concrete operational plans, which represent the prerequisite for obtaining high performance, Vmcons allows its customers to reach the maximum operational efficiency of their organization. Implementing the right technological solutions is fundamental for the development and success of each customer and our services help to reach the goal quickly, accurately and efficiently. Furthermore, our emphasis on network and endpoint security ensures that the most important business resources are as secure and protected as possible. VMCons has many years of technical experience, extensive field experience and a deep knowledge of the main application practices to make the most of its customers’ resources and assets, and the adoption of proven methodologies that significantly enrich all the initiatives in IT field.

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